Turkish life: Lessons from our first Roadtrip: Istanbul is not Turkey


Last month I was really fortunate to go on (our first) roadtrip in Turkey!

I was amazed by the landscape- mountains in the distance, green fields and farms, and the wide open space to breathe! It looks like this:

Turkish countryside

Beautiful right?

I don't know what I was expecting but  what I saw reminded me how different Istanbul is to the "rest-of-Turkey." Whilst Istanbul is beautiful, and there are beautiful places to walk around and chill especially on the mighty Bosphorus, it just has a more "closed -up" feel to it. Like take Bebek for instance, you can sit near the water edge - but just in a small space and then there's buildings in and around you.

In Istanbul, at least on the modern European side which is what I'm more familiar with, sure there are parks, but it's surrounded by loads of flats and tall buildings. So when driving around your view usually includes  sprawling flats on hills. It's different out in the countryside and even in Izmir, another big city in Turkey. Things just feel more open, and because it's more flat I guess that also contributes to the sense of openness, which is just wonderful.
Turunç, Turkey

Driving through some mountains as we neared Turunç, our destination for the trip-the views hit you like waves - one picturesque scene after the next. We made one mandatory photo opp stop to take some pictures of a scene in a valley below us which was simply spectacular - it was the city of Turunç from above - a lovely village near the Aegean Sea, blue waters, a little town and all against a brilliantly blue sky. Subhanallah

Ilica Plaji (Beach)

We also visited Çeşme on this road trip where we were treated to a gorgeous beach called Ilica Plaji. Here we enjoyed soft white sand, turquoise water and gentle yet effective waves! This made an awesome swim and great way to spend the afternoon while enjoying a beautiful sunset. I am truly amazed by the spectacular beaches in Turkey, a few hours drive ( ok, a good few hours!) from Istanbul.

Just like London is not England, I see now that Istanbul is not Turkey! This means you have to explore outside the busy city to truly appreciate the whole country and it's amazing landscape and feel.

I look forward to discovering more towns and regions beyond Istanbul, Insha Allah.( But we will investigate an easier route, perhaps half flying/half driving rather, as the ten hours drive we took on the way back from Turunc with a tired baby wasn't the greatest fun!!)

Stay tuned for more adventures from "The Organised Traveler", my other writing name :)

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Traipsing through Turkey,


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