My reflections from the book: "When you hear hoof beats, think of zebras"

Book Review: When you hear hoof beats, think of zebras

This book has been on our bookshelf for ages, so it was wonderful to finally read it. These are some  of the very powerful lessons I took out of this book based on interesting Sufi tales:

  • Seeing Allah in everything and everyone around us - to me this means being in the company of those that remind you of Allah. Everything is a trace of Allah because everything is predestined and from Him. When looking at the creation,even inanimate objects, trace it back to Allah remember to admire the Creator.
  • If you spend your time going after gold in this world, you will have neither the gold nor yourself!
  • Think about what you spend your time, energy and thoughts on between prayers - We think about our life first, and weave our prayers around that. How nice to switch it around to focus on prayers first!
  • Every morning when we get up, we must remember two things- Allah and death - see how different our life will be as a result! We will realise that nothing lasts forever. And this can also be a source of comfort to help us let go and focus on what does matter.
  • A great way to view any situation: say : Maybe it's a blessing, maybe it's a curse, only Allah knows.
  • We don't have to give ourselves totally to everything we do in the worldly sense - like when watching TV, or having a meaningless chat with a colleague at work - retain something of yourself, and with that remember Allah. Don't get totally lost and immersed in everything ( except  the remembrance of Allah)

    Hope this was as an inspiring for you as it was to me Insha Allah!
Implementing the Inspiration,


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