Turkish Tales: Our First Meals

Food plays an incredible role in any special event in our lives. So no wonder, our first meal in our new home is significant to us,  and kind of represents a big step in settling in.

Whats on the menu you ask? Something exotic like local specialties of kofte or borek? Perhaps a home classic like chicken? Well bearing in mind I'm still stocking up my kitchen and groceries are not as straightforward as back home (not everything in the supermarket is translated for starters) and I was exhausted from the trip over, the menu was simple but just right to hit the right notes Alhamdulillah!

Mum's Grub Rules

For our very first dinner that we ate at home, we were lucky to have some homemade mum's grub from South Africa.

Nothing like urad dhall, mealie meal rotis and spicy carrot pickle to comfort and pick you up!
I also fried some okra ("bhinda") as its available in abundance here- the only real 'indian' vegetable really.

And we had extra food leftover for hubby to take to work for lunch - he was quite the envy of the office, and didn't mind a bit sitting in the canteen with his roti and dhall! We ended up packing some carrot pickle for his friends who missed home food too so it was great to share the love.

End result

For the first dinner that I cooked, I braved it with a new kind of fish called "plaithe" which turned out to be tasty and not too "fishy". I served it with spinach and onion (seasoned with "pulbiber"- a Turkish favourite which is red pepper flakes) and fresh potato salad.

When cooking for the first time in a new kitchen, and country really you have to be careful before you commit to preparing any dish - as you cannot take for granted that you have everything you need- even seemingly simple things like garlic, or chillies may not be as readily available. So I made good use of my personal favourite "Amina's wonder spice peri-peri marinade" from South Africa for the fish, as I know it wouldn't need anything further to flavour the fish - just pour over and you are ready to fry!

Get your first meals in your new country right, and you are on to the right track I say. May Allah grant us more barakah, Aameen
Next stop : cooking some chicken - but first I need to figure out how to make my own ginger/garlic paste (not found here!!)

Finding our way Insha Allah,


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