Ramadan in the Workplace


We're in the swing of things this Ramadan, hopefully reaping the benefits of this blessed month as best we can!

This year I am not working at the office (I see my BodyTalk clients periodically at the clinic or at home via distance sessions). However I do recall my many years in corporate, fasting through the endless meetings, trying to not get distracted with the recipe emails sent to my Inbox and enjoying the occasional early afternoon nap in my car or in the First aid room!

I was fortunate to have colleagues and managers who were very understanding. That's part of the culture of Unilever I guess. I was able to adjust my (already quite flexible) schedule so I could leave a bit early, as especially in the UK with the long hours of fasting, you need some rest in the evening.

One thing that helped me to set things up with my colleagues was to explain upfront about our fasting month of Ramadan. I created this One Pager "Ramadan in the Workplace Guide" that was a handy guide to share with my team to explain Ramadan and Eid in a simple way. I wanted them to appreciate how significant this month was for us, so in some way they too were sharing in this special time, just by being aware.

Handy One Page PDF
Handy One Page PDF
I know we are already in the midst of Ramadaan, but if you would like to share something simple with your colleagues at work then feel free to download this PDF. It does have some specific reference to Europe, but can serve as something useful, Insha Allah.

All the best for the rest of Ramadan, and do remember me in your prayers!

Radiating through Ramadan,


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