When wearing your hijab is like wearing your knickers and socks....


I'm sure you want to know what is going on with my title, so I'm going to share a story with you that explains where this phrase comes from!

I was chatting to my friend who recently Alhamdulillah decided to start wearing hijab. I'm so proud of her. She works in corporate and travels significantly so I'm sure its a quite a challenge and so I'm so pleased for her and make dua Allah makes it easy for her, and rewards her for sincerity in trying to please Him.

So she was saying how its tricky at work...people seem to be looking at her weirdly...and shes so aware of it all. As a regular hijabi myself, also in corporate for about 10 years, travelling in Europe and working with multinationals from Australia to Brazil,  Alhamdulillah, this is the advice I gave to her which I hope makes sense to you and inspires you to either consider starting to wear hijab or if you are, to continue and NEVER take it off...for as I say "Keep at it till wearing your hijab is like wearing your knickers and socks!"

  • Don't send out "uncomfy" (sic) vibes : Don't be overly conscious of wearing hijab as you will no doubt send out signals to others if you are feeling uncomfortable. This will make you feel more out of place for no reason as in reality most people wont even notice anything!
  • Take the First Step Forward : I received feedback once on a leadership course (in a very honesty sharing session!) that people wonder whether how to approach hijabis - as in will you talk to men, how will you respond etc. So as a hijabi in the workplace, perhaps we need to take the first step to talk to people, show our personality and that its OK, we don't bite or scare, just regular people also interested in shopping and makeup (in a halal way of course!).
  • Show them you're Still the Same : If you have recently started to wear hijab, just continue as normal showing them you haven't changed who you are, talk the way you would and do your thing. Their main concern would be whether they need to be in any other way with you so just keep being as you are and things will fall into place naturally Inshallah.
Keep at it sisters, you know you have turned the corner when you cannot leave the house without it on, and when wearing your hijab is like wearing your knickers and socks - you can never forget it and cant do without it!! 

May Allah make it easy for us all.

Me at my previous workplace :)

Do you have any other tips to share with other hijabi muslimahs? I have so many stories to share about my hijab adventures, Inshallah with other posts to come! 



myda tahir said…
Great dear ,
just pen my thoughts,
May Allah have mercy on all of us and keep us steadfast.

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