Two Forms of Mercy...Two states in One


So I listened to a talk recently by Ustaadh NAK (you know who I mean!) explaining the two Names of Allah Ar Rahman and Ar Rahim : two forms of mercy and I was so inspired. 

I also learnt that by listening to something more than once it really solidifies your understanding. Anyway here is my take on it based on what I heard:

Ar Rahman - ارحمان : Allah's mercy and love is extreme, not permanent( this life),  happening right now ( eg hunger similar word pattern جوعان)  mercy that's more immediate.

Ar Rahim - ارحيم - Allah's mercy  that's always there and you can count on it. Quality that doesn't change. Not necessarily taking place right now- potential.

So what does it mean?

When you want Allah's mercy in a time of need, you need it immediately - and intensely! Then you appeal to His quality of Ar Rahman. Not thinking of the future or the potential of mercy right now. But as a human we need instant meeting of needs.

Once it's met, you now can turn to his quality of Ar Raheem knowing he will always have Mercy should you need to call upon it in the future.

Only in Allah the Most Powerful can two forms exist in one - amazing.

May Allah grant us understanding and MERCY


Praying for His Mercy,


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