Succeeding with Sacrifice : Reflections on my "Ten Day sacrifice"


Post my little sacrifice effort, I am sure everyone wants to did it go? So here is my reflection.

Well, it was very hard at first, I kept thinking about wanting to revert back like I was missing something. But after the 5th day, it was much easier. I found so much else to do to replace the time I would usually spend on the stuff above. Like instead of using TV to relax, I did other things like read, play a board-game or just sit and watch the sunset and do nothing else! I also had loads of time to up my Ibaadah - I did everything I wanted to do including catching up on some missed fasts.

In the end what did I learn? I actually discovered some really interesting lessons.

a) I learnt that there is a time and place for everything. There really is! Some evenings after I did all my prayers, and Quraan reading etc, I wanted to just relax my mind. I didn't want to read, or think too much - just chill. I realised, this could have been a time to watch TV.

b) I learnt that I could listen to lectures (I'm hooked on the Stories of the Prophets on YouTube) whilst doing chores in the house (for example cooking or tidying up) and be sufficiently engaged.

So what it meant to me is that I could keep my little 'indulgences' into my life - I learnt that they are best fit in AFTER I have done all my Ibaadah and obligations. So always Islam first, and then the rest.

So I made a list of all the Ibaadah activities I would like to achieve say in a week. I then made a list of all the conditions associated with how I spend my spare time. For example:

"I will only watch TV, if I have listened to an Islamic lecture/talk."

And yes, I do think these two things are not mutually exclusive and can exist together- as long as the content is healthy, wholesome and beneficial at some level.

So all this thinking has ignited me into creating a reminder card to stay on track with my new habits. ( I even up-cycled by using a Hajj card that a local charity posted out to me so the theme fits!)

All of this is only through the Grace and Mercy of Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

Succeeding with sacrifice Inshallah,


Samar Asamoah said…
Masha Allah sis. So much more gets done without TV, it's so easy to get hooked.

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