Keeping up the Ibaadah when you cant fast or pray Salaah/Quraan during Ramadaan


Ah that moment during Ramadaan when you have to stop fasting due to natural reasons!

For me its a bit dreaded because I have been enjoying the month so much, the barakah and blessings, adjusted schedule, building up a momentum with ibaadah and achieving so much. But Allah knows best, and whilst I do feel a pang of disappointment, I know it is Allah's Will and His Timing - so it must be Perfect, so I'm just going to get on with it!

I did plan for this time beforehand, trying to increase Quraan recitation and Salaah especially, knowing I could do my Istighfaar and other tasbeehs during the time when I am "not reading". So come that time, and I'm amped!

One thing I wanted to ensure was that I would use the usual time for Salaah and Quraan recitation for ibaadah - and not waste it with anything else. So here are some ideas inspired to me through the Mercy of Allah, for keeping up the Ibaadah when you cant fast or pray Salaah:

- listen to Quraan recitation. a great way to revise as well if you have memorised some parts of the Quraan.
- listen to Tafsir of surahs, especially the ones you read often, or know by memory, My favourite resource for this is a detailed series by Nouman Ali Khan available on YouTube
- Read Extra duroods on Nabi (SAW)
- Read extra tasbeeh - Laailaaha Illallah, Subhanallah etc

So in this way the time I usually spent on Salaah is still maintained using these alternative beautiful ways to worship, Alhamdulillah. May Allah accept.

What else do you do during this time when you cant pray salaah? Share your ideas and Inshallah many people can benefit!


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