How I shared Eid with my Neighbours


Eid Greetings. Hope you all had a joyous day, and a spiritually uplifting Ramadaan. :)

My passion this Eid has been around sharing our day of celebration (or lets face it, with all the leftover treats its more like a week of celebration!), with people around me who are not necessarily Muslim such as neighbors, colleagues, friends, even my local therapist and gym! (Hubby had a good idea to tell the gym instructor the treats were for cheat day!)

My main aim was to create awareness and educate people about Ramadaan and Eid, and by sharing some delicious homemade goodies, show them what Muslims are really about - peace, goodwill and caring for others. Ultimately I hope it inspires someone to want to know more about Islam and consider it as their way of life, Inshallah - but that's a big dream, so for now just taking one step at a time by sharing simple cookies!

I also want to share with everyone how I made up little packs for my neighbors and the resources I used after searching the Internet for hours, so saving you the hassle ;)

Step 1  : I bought some handy foil containers with lids and filled it with the sweet treats that I made.

Step 2: Bake the goodies. I always like trying out new recipes so made these guys:

Step 3: Making the labels was the most fun! I used :

Putting together Eid Treats for neighbours

Step 4:  Distribute with a smile! :)

The response was wonderful, Alhamdulillah. Everyone really appreciated it, they wanted to hear more about what we did for Eid and the famous questions around how we managed fasting (you cant drink water?!) etc. We also got to meet new neighbors who were really friendly too.

May Allah accept, Aameen

The final Result, Eid packs ready to go out!

I loved reading tweets from all over the world from people who received treats from their Muslim neighbours - with my favorite one being "Think I should move in next to a Muslim to get great cookies for Eid!" - wonderful!

Did you also give out goodies for your neighbours and colleagues, share your pictures and stories using the two hashtags below!

#sharingeidwithneighbours  #sharingeidwithneighbors



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