My 3 steps to being able to Flourish while Fasting

Wanted to share my post - it featured in  a newsletter I sent to my BodyTalk clients and also on linked in (adapted):
As the Month of Ramadaan (a month of daily Fasting for all Muslims all over world) approaches, I want to share a few of my tried and tested steps to preparing myself - body, mind and soul to being able to not only survive- but flourish while fasting.
For many of us our daily schedules still continue, some people are balancing work commitments with children, others are completing school or university assignments. So its important that you take some time to acknowledge the month ahead and prepare yourself to be as productive as possible. Here 3 of my essential steps to do so:

1. Make some goals for what you would like to achieve for the month. As this month holds with it extraordinary blessing and reward for any good deeds done,  to ensure I take maximum advantage of the opportunity, I plan about 3-5 goals I would like to achieve by the end. It could be simple like revising Quraan memorization, or praying extra after regular prayers (and yes sometimes it does include tasks like catching up with my pile of filing!), and that's cool as its also about making the most of your extra time especially in the UK with the long summer days, but the more specific you can be, the better the results. Do this 1 week before Ramadaan to keep in fresh and motivating!

2. Kick out the caffeine.
 But not all at once! If you are like me, then without my morning cup of tea, I will face headaches soon in the day while fasting. So I begin a process of caffeine reduction from about 2-3 weeks before Ramadaan. I start by reducing my usual 2 mugs of tea to 1.5 mugs a day,after a few days down to 1 mug, then keep reducing till I reach zero mugs of tea a day!

3. Getting your body ready to Flourish through fasting. For this I would turn to one of my complementary therapies which will help get my body to the best possible condition to be able to manage the fasts best. Of course, BodyTalk is top of the list as a session of BodyTalk will help to identify and release any points of tension in your body causing it to weaken or slow down. In this way the body (and mind) can be cleared, moving it to a more optimal state - making the challenges of fasting easier to tackle and enjoy.Acupuncture also works well to increase blood flow and energy through out the body.
So with one week to go before the fasting begins, hope you are busy preparing yourself at all levels to fully being able to Flourish while Fasting!
Ramadaan Kareem!


Najmah Capal said…
Yey, these are beautiful and beneficial tips. Thanks sister.

Najmah Capal said…
Yey, these are beautiful and beneficial tips. Thanks sister.

Muslimah4life said…
Jazakallah Sister Najma, glad it could help!
Thanks for your links, great blogs :)

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