My Islam in London


If I had to reflect on my life in London so far, Mashallah it has been pretty much what we envisaged, and a little more.

But whats been on my mind recently has been my lack of getting involved in Islamic activities, programmes and Ibaadah. So Mashallah, Allah has given me enough hidaaya to read my salaah, read a little etc..but what I feel Im really missing out on is being in Islamic environments, really involved you know? We cant really say that there arent opportunities here in London...and besides, when my husband and I moved to the UK, it was one of the main motivators for this place- the abundance of programs and opportunities Mashallah

So, I have decided to take small actions Inshallah in my daily life to up my game. We attend online halqa weekly, but instead of pottering around while its on, I want to stop, take the 1 hour to give all my attention and really reap the benefits, Inshallah
And there is a talk on a Friday at our nearby masjid that we have no excuse not to attend!

So thats my first few steps, my little actions and Inshallah the idea is to keep these up, and then add more in.

Any other ideas for little actions we can take?

May Allah make it easy for us and help us make the most of opportunities to come closer to HIM and earn His pleasure. Inshallah Aameen



Dreamlife said…
Walaikum salaam

Ur spot on in the approach of small but consistent steps :) After all, that's the shining lesson that comes out of the hadith about how the most beloved things to Allah are those that are CONSISTENT, even if they be small.

My wife and I *try* to have a weekly halaqah at home; but we haven't been consistent in that - and i think as a result we miss out on a lot; because the rare times when we do hold it and have such discussions, it's always so brings us back to our deeper ideals about life.

I hope the 2 of you are able to keep your online one up, and maybe even start your own personal one - just for you as a couple - where each week one of you sets the agenda and prepares the material (whether it's an article, chapter in a book, audio lecture, video, or whatever).

Attending a halaqah or class with other people is great; but to be able to be in control of your own one - with the person closest to you - is awesome :)

A talk I heard yesterday was saying that one tremendous way of achieving progress is to serve others - even strangers; and even in little ways. So, that's also something that would be good.

Anyway, all the best to the 2 of you. May your time in London bring you closer to Allah and improve your marriage and lives.
Muslimah4life said…
Aameen, jazakallah Dreamlife, what an awesome comment!

So far so good, Alhamduillah. If we are around (As we sometimes travelling on sundays), we have been attending every halaqa so far!

And I plan to share my learnings from each halqa every week Inshallah! (See latest post)

Interesting idea of doing 1-1 halqa with my hubby, would love to try that Inshallah!


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