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Feeling low

Oh allah, please help me. I'm sad because of :- small house
- not enough space to keep my stuff
- comprimising
- mos job
- no car
- mike issue with emails
- missing my family
- not knowing what to do in weekend
- not being able to go anywhere at night
- cant even go for coffee in epsom, no car transport hard
- just not having options..being restricted
- cant wait to see my family again
- pressure at work to talk and interact, go for lunch..bleh
- nothing to look forward to
- no family left in uk..all away
- life on hold till mo gets a much more can we take?I know my troubles are not the end of the world, and of course this is a burden I can manage, that’s Allahs promise to me.So just needing to vent a bit..Inshallah it will all go away :)Slms