Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Islam - what u make of it

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


I have finally understood what it means to be a Muslim..well sort of

All my life it has been so easy to be a Muslim..just went with the flow of was all around me…musjids in my area, familky involved in islam..muslim was all handed over to easy to practice

But now where I am, it is not there for me..i didn't hear the azan for 3 weeks and my heart ached…I barely see muslims around me, let alone hear or feel any semblance of Islam..does this make me a bad Muslim? It is wrong that I am not seeing Islam everyday? That's what I was thinking..that I am in this western world and its taking me away from Islam..but then I realised:

I have to bring Islam into my life.

Its up to me to get involved, play qirat, make zikr, read up…bring islam into my life. Its ok that I am in a western setting and islam is not readily visible to me..but its in m yheart and the more I open up to that the more I can see it in front me! Go online and find classes or events, attend these events, look for any opportunity to be islamicand feel Islam..small things like listening to Surah Yaseen every morning on my ipod on the way to work..on the train catch up on quran listening, imagine how much of zikr I can make on the train! I have to bring it in my life..and its exciting to keep looking for these opportunities.

Its not easy but it's a challenge Im willing to tackle IA

I ask Allah to make it easy for me and to keep my consciousness of HIM at the maximum at all times




Monday, March 02, 2009

lots to learn

what a life lesson!
its all about perception, dammit i need to learn :(
its not about how honest u are its about what image u put out there
its so unfair but i need to learn
u have to look innocent and sweet and pretend to be so flexible and go with the flow
u cant be seen to stand up for yourself!
theres no such thing as being open about ur principles!!
i have to learn!