My Hajj

I cant beleive I have been for Hajj, Alhamdulillah :)
It was super fantastci, I loved the expereince of hajj, so symbolic and so powerful. I felt so close to Allah, I sae Him everywhere, I felt Him all the where else in the world comes close...
Of course I missed home, but I didnt miss the worldliness of this place...
Going away really helped me break through the routine of my life..I no longer say"on saturdays I have to do this..." etc I just make up things as the time goes along. I also re evaluate this worth it? Is this worth my time? Can i push myself? Why cant I read more after salaah? What am I replacing with extra reading and sitting on the musallah?
I cant belive how I actually changed my dressing, Alhamdulillah! Wearing abaya/cloak now :) Look its hard, im not going to work anyway..but so far havent found a single reason strong enough to tell me to stop so here goes, IA!
Strong faith is the biggest lesson for me...believing in Allah and seeing duas come true is what I learnt the most...God, I miss that place soo much! Everyone doing the same thing, thinking the same thing, for one purpose alone,..powerful!
And Madinah.....Ya Allah i LOVED it so beautiful..I really felt so close to Rasullulah (SAW)...spoke to him, cried by him..made so much dua in Masjidun Nabawi
Id love to go again IA..but with a breakand after longing to go really appreciate it
My 40 days are up not my own again :) May Allah accept all my duas, all our prayers, our Hajj and everything we do from now onwards
Oh also tawaf...knowing that all your duas are accepted! so mashallah! i just asked and asked for everything that I wanted...I want it all to come true, IA.
just want to keep it up IA!


Anonymous said…

This seems an insignificant detail but which group did you go with?

I was also priveleged to be there and I had real good time...religiously of course.
Dreamlife said…
Alhamdullilah, that's amazing and i'm so glad u got to go at a young age. we also want to go soon as possible. i always wanted to go soon after i got married, because i think that's pretty much the best foundation you can have - the best start.

we were just talking on the weekend about how - for so many of us - it takes these life-changing events,calamities. big moments - for us to stop living in a routine; step out of our life; and look at things in a different perspective.

life in these times is just so fast paced and so jamp-packed that it really is a luxury to be able to stop and take a break, and see things in a different light.

and i think Allah uses calamities and these kinda events to FORCE us to stop, look at our lives/situations, and realise that we may not be living the way we aspire to live; and may not be advancing towards those goals.

it's sad that it takes something big like that to shake us up. to *make us* re-evaluate our lives.

but anyway, Hajj is something i hope we all get to go on. may yours and your husband's, and all those who've been, be accepted; and may you be a shining light to all who you encounter, and be a role model for us all.
Muslimah4life said…
Its so special to think that Allah CHOOSES you, its so good to leave your life in his hands and trust its thebest thing for you because he calls YOU!
Alhamdulillah, Im so grateful
I really hope you can go soon and may Allah take you and bring you back safely IA
thanks for the comment
-blog nudge-
was lovely meeting you:)

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