So now im requested by management to "self market" myself! I dont know how to do this and still maintain my values of humility, no pride, not brining attention to yourself! a bit of a mixup ill say! They say that I do everything and all my work so well but I dont involve anyone in the process..i work hard and then present the end result ( which is always good, Alhamdulillah) but now they want me to keep telling people what im busy with, how hard Im working etc...i cant do that! in my religon we take least credit for everything..thats the beauty of it shine more like that...these stupid western values of attention seeking..i dont know how to do it :(
i dont know if i should be doing it!
and also it seems liek in every circumstance i must punt myself ( not directly) but use every chance to show them what im upto, how proactive i am, how im interetsed in other things...
tough one...need to think hard about this...have people before me done the same? 


Dreamlife said…
well, maybe u should think of it as this:

don't do it to seek attention. don't do it for fame, or admiration. don't do it for any proud or unIslamic purpose.

do it because Allah has blessed you with a great work ethic and talent, and that has been recognised by your employer.

you now have the opportunity to be a role model for your colleagues: you can try to motivate them, inspire them, encourage them. teach them how to be a hard worker like you; how to work smart; how to be better at their jobs, if you can.

and none of this is done to blow your own horn or promote yourself (as they have phrased it) - but you do it with the intention and mindset that, Allah has given you these gifts, and you now want to share those gifts and help others. anything you do in life can be ibadah, if your intention is right.

so, make a good intention with this, and try to do it.

some Western things can initially seem like this is a challenge - it's unIslamic - but Allah has given us the intelligence and ability to think, and try to use each situation for good. so, this is just a simple matter of changing perspective and trying to turn this into an ibadah...and forgetting about "Self-promotion".
Muslimah4life said…
i like what u saying, jazakallah
you are soo right about intentions, its the single most defining thing u can do about anything!
Ia i will have the best intentions ina ll that i do :)

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