Just be...

Oh why cant I be free? Why is it NOT ok to just be?
Why cant we be alone, be crabby, be impossible, be unfair, be quiet, be feeling sorry for myself, be sad, be happy, be doing my own thing, be what i want, be bad, be doing whatever
Why do we have to conform in society? Why do we have to always be smiling, be kind, be patient, be answering peoples questions, be talking,be pretending , be what they want us to be?
I cant take it anymore!
Oh Allah, please bless me with your everlasting Peace and Serenity and Power. Aameen


Anonymous said…
asalaamulaikum sister

i think you shouldn't be conforming to anything but who you are. who you are inside that is the truth and whoever makes you feel you have to be anything but that shouldnt be listened to or followed.

i hope your duaa's are answered.

your sister in islam.
saaleha said…
ditto anonymous.
people will always have expectations.

may you find the peace you seek:)

One thing in life that you have to give in to ias that YOU CANNOT MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY..

InshAllah you find the peace you seek..

t c


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