Career crisis

Im having a career crisis - im not even in the mid of my career ( try 3 years down the track only!) and Im tired. I guess its because I am confused about what I want.Or what I though I wanted wasn’t quite right anymore :(

I need inspiration and guidance from Allah. I have neglected my duty to Him recently ( very bad girl!) but Inshallah I will revive this again NOW!


Dreamlife said…
u know - what we think we want isn't always whats best for us.

in the end, we're looking for fulfillment, enjoyment, contentment - when it comes to work. (leaving the superficialities aside)

we may think its a certain job, or type of job, that will do that for us. or we may think bcos we studied something, thats the job we'll do and it suits us.

but in time you find that what we expected isn't necessarily how it happens.

the advice i can give - which i've read in various places - is to do some kind of self-assessment exercise. (a highly-recommended book is "What colour is your parachute?")

those exercises kinda get you to identify your strengths, weaknesses, things you enjoy, are good at, etc.

and thats the direction i believe we should take, when looking for the work thats going to help us realise those ideals (mentioned at the beginning) :

don't look at the jobs that are available. don't look at the titles, the positions, the tasks.

start with yourself first. look at what you enjoy, what you're good at. what you'd like to do.

then think of ways that can be used in a working environment.

you may find that you have some special talents, or things you really really love doing, which you could find in a job u never even considered.

i think - after getting your own thoughts and stuff down - don't let yourself now go looking for a job thats going to match you exactly.

all jobs have things we like and don't like. it may be very rare to find a job that suits you perfectly in all aspects.

so, try to find the job thats got the most of whats most important. quantify the things you enjoy, the things you're seeking - so that you have some sort of scale to measure prospective careers/jobs by.

work smart, in other words.

thats the logical route.

of course, the heart plays a huge role and you should definitely follow your heart too.

i guess you've gotta find balance between the 2.

but, when confused, its good to make an effort to be unconfused...

i hope it all goes well for you :)
saaleha said…
I have no doubt that the answers will present themselves to you:)
kimya said…
i think we all have these moments/ kinda like speedbumps in the course of lifes seemingly smooth ride..

hope this moment brings positive and progressive reflection time for you, and boosts ur way to great success and fulfillment.
fida said…
and now???

Salaamu aleykum warahmatulaahi wabarakaatu sis..maasha'allah love the following quote you wrote a couple of posts ago;

Never think that Allah’s delays are His denials.

Hold on; hold fast; hold out. Patience is genius.

Makes soo much sense, jazaak allaah khayr for sharing! Nice blog by the way.
Bilal said…
something we often fail to consider- on the day of judgement, when God questions how we used this trust, the knowledge he allowed us to obtain, the degrees he let us study; how we used this to make the world a better place?

we need to consider this...
taqdeer said…
Nomatter what people say, nomatter what anything seems like - all we have to do is stay close to Allah ta'ala and everything will be ok in the end.

The little walk through this life is over before we know it - so all that always matters is where we are going to.

May Allah ta'ala remind us where we are going - ameen


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