Being a mother...

I had the most fabulous weekend- I spent the weekend babysitting my 9 year old sister Sumayya and we had a wonderful time! It was scary in that I had a responsibility towards her - and she got sick and i had to nurse her at night - and if I might say so myself, I think I did pretty fine! Alhamdulillah, she is an angel so it made it that much easier to handle! We went out, did shopping , did all her favorite things ( ok , so i spoilt her!). I surprised myself by being so patient and giving and always wanting to make sure she was happy and ok. But I also learnt that it was a different life having kids...they need your time and attention and all your activities for the weekend revolve around them! It was probably easier this weekend because my husband was away so I COULD give up all my time for her! But after this w/end I respect single mothers who do it by themselves- its not easy driving around, managing the house, working all by yourself- so heres to single mothers!
So now Im at work and I miss her so much! Cant wait to get home to be with her again!
So that was my practice lesson for being a mother one day, Inshallah.
I loved it :)


solomother said…
Mashalla, you did it! I'm glad you have such a wonderful sister.

Single motherhood is difficult. May you never have to know it, inshallah.

Christina who used to live in Dubai and still says the small prayers
The K-man said…
Single motherhood is probably the hardest jobs in the world and never get the full recognition they deserve. We never know what er can acheive until we try it and inshalah you will be a great mother some day Ameen

kimya said…

the bonds we share between us as women are nourishing to the heart and soul/ this post brought a smile to my lips, esp. cos now that my sis is married we get precious little time together..
shes home for a vacation of a week and thats almostt over, esp with me running about to work and meetings, etc. But the best time together is the giggling pillow chats where we get to catch up on allsorts of stuff, just like wen we were kiddos :)
Muslimah4life said…
its amazing what you can say to your sister that you cant say to your friends or even your mother! sisters have a different understanding - im so grateful for both my sisters - 9 year old and 22 year old :) alhamdulillah

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