When people put others on pedestals....

Today I am very disturbed..not in the head ( Ok, maybe there too!) but certainly in my heart. Why is it that certain people feel that what they do, what their children do and go through is the end of the world? why do people feel like their problems are thebiggest in the world, and what their kids are studying , and how difficult their lives are is not comparable to anyone else? Yesterday I voiced my opinion that I hate it when certain people I know do that - they completey exaggerate the situation and make it out that their family is the most special in the world, and nothing YOU go through is ever significant enough. Also these people brainwash MY family to believe their story and make tem feel inadequete. so now members of my family are defending these people and feeling sorry for them! I cannot handle it. Its so unfair. At the end of the  month this person will be finishing their studies , which i admit is a great achievement. But excuse me, we ALL went through it! And it was really tuff, and we were married and I had moved to another city so we all went through tough times. But we dont see anyone else throwing us a party - we just take it all in our stride, Alhamdulillah.
I am so angry that they brainwash people too! That kills me. My only comfort is that Allah sees me for what I am and what I go through becasue he is always with me through it all. I dont need any recognition from any one else but Him. I just need to get through the end of this month when this person gets their brand new title of "Doctor" and everyone else has kissed their feet and made a huge fuss and Inshallah it will be easier for me thereafter.
Sorry I know Im whining a bit, but hey I needed to! I now feel a bit better, Alhamdulillah


Fatima said…
Hey Taskeen :)
A lot of people do that and I believe it's a self-esteem problem and a misguided belief that they are "better than everybody else".
Don't worry, just grin, bear it and walk away. Within a month or so, they'll forget about the "Doctor" and move on with life...until the next time...

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