Post Ramadaan Post about Ramadaan

I have had so many thoughts that I wanted to post recently but they keep getting stale cos I have had no time to post them!
So pardon my Ramadaan post – it might be late but still so important to me!
Suhoor at Steers (18 October 2006)

My enjoyment of Ramadaan has blessed me in another way – I am really feeling more & more stronger towards rejecting the Western way of living, Alhamdulillah.You see Im surrounded by it daily at work and often I completely take for granted how much of their lives I’m unwittingly exposed to. Sometimes I feel left out , like I was the boring one and maybe there was something wrong with me almost.

And so I get to what happened at Suhoor at Steers. There were so many families eating suhoor at the restaurant. There’s something so fine about knowing that everyone there was there for the same purpose of eating suhoor for the fast, we were all going to go home to read Fajr and then we all will fast the next day. And also at the restaurant at 3:30 am there some drunken Non Muslim girls with a guy. They were so out of place in this restaurant where everyone else was partaking in a blessed practice of Suhoor for the fast the next day. And WE Muslims were not the odd ones out! At that time, I really appreciated the Muslim way of life!

So by being so immersed into  Islam this Ramadaan by listening to Radio Alansaar, forgetting about music and TV and being involved with Muslims overseas via blogging ; that being around non Muslims has for the first time felt strange for me! Woohoo! Subhanallah! And what amplified it was a guest from Jeddah who made us so jealous about living in Jeddah (which btw is 45 mins from Makkah! J) Anyway he was telling us about Ramadaan in Muslim countries- how the canteen is closed and non Muslims are the minority so eating is just not happening in Ramadaan – how cool is that? No more having to salivate when looking at the delicious strirfrys being made – or smelling the yummy cake being baked in the building! There’s so much unity when most people in a country are all fasting at the same time.

I would love to experience Ramadaan in a Muslim country Inshallah one day. But for now I’m in a non Muslim country so im going to make the best of it – and enjoy being a Proudly South African Muslimah!

Muslimah 4 life, Inshallah


Khairun Nisa said…
Assalamu Alaikum
I find it so interesting that Muslims go to a restaurant for Suhoor in South Africa. It is very nice to meet up other muslims at Suhoor time.
Muslimah4life said…
Thanks for comment Nissaa- Yeah its a practice thats got quite common here actually..places are quite busy for suhoor- i like it only as a once a month thing to go out! which country are you from?
Khairun Nisa said…
I am in Canada. Originally from Guyana.

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