My affirmations


My husband has taught me something very useful called affirmations. We both have a notebook where we write down our goals and affirmations every time we feel them - Inshallah this will help us get closer to realising them as we think positively!

So My Main Affirmation for today is :

I WILL visit Makkah/ Madinah next year



ruby said…
Loving these Muslimah blogs! Nice template girly!
Fatima said…
i like that idea of keeping a notebook with goals and affirmations.
i've done that before, but, couldn't keep myself interested in it.
blogging is just a step for me to start it again.
Asalamalaikum sis..

Jazakallah khayr so muc for the comment you left on my post. it was very encouraging and very kind hearted. Im sorry you had a similar experience, i guess it all helps us learn for the future and is ultimately to be seen as a test eh.

Jazakallah khayr again, May Allah reward you for that comment and your sincerity and May He keep you on the path and reward you both in this world and the hereafter Ameen

Muslimah4life said…
Fatima : the book on affirmations is so im so used to it that when i just look at my notebook i recall my affirmations and internalise them! good luck with yours
*Under*Cuver*Sister* : Thanks for calling me "sis" - Inshallah we can connect despite the miles! :)

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