TasKeeN has ArriVeD!


I'm so excited to enter the blogging world (at long last!). Inshallah, I want to learn, talk, meet new people and have fun. I want to connect to Muslimahs all over the world and unite and show the world that we have Girl Power because we are Muslims!

Till next time...
TasKeeN :)


Muhammad said…

Welcome to the Blog World Taskeen :)

I'm glad you're here. Will hook you up with the rest of the gang. and also Pimp your blogsite :) Pics and everything.


Assalamu Alaikum sister,

welcome! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't wait to read more
sugar@gmail.com said…
salaams and happy blogging......:)
zee said…
and lets not forget that slight added benefit of being able to keep a chek on your hubby in the digital world :)))))

Give mak my slmz:)
Ruby :) said…
Salaams taskeen
welcome to our little but not-so-little world.
Girl power indeed...
love the colours of your blog.. but unfair that you have MAk to pimp you blog for you:( :(

happy blogging

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