Keeping the Faith


I learnt a very valuable lesson this Ramadaan (well I learnt many lessons but this is my favourite!) I learnt to trust in Allah. And you know what, it felt so good! After all , that’s what Hes there for , and that’s what He wants us to do. There was something that wasn’t working out for me and either I would have lost a lot of money or I would have got my money back but wouldn’t have received the items I wanted so badly and chose so specially. Whilst this may have been on a simple material level, it could very well apply to any situation in life. So anyway I felt so helpless but then I had hope because of Allah – I prayed to Him for guidance, I submitted to Him to decide for me which outcome was better and I promised Him that I would be happy with either way. So I tied my camel and left the rest up to Him. And it felt so good, Alhamdulillah!

And so Allah decided for me that receiving the items was better for me. But I had such strong faith in Him that I would have been happy with either decision. A thought I love to live by is that whenever I am disappointed, or I missed something I think to myself

“Allah has saved me from something worse”
and that really gets me by, Alhamdulillah.

Keeping the faith,


Muhammad said…

You're right, it could have ended up SO much worse...

alhamdulillah :)

P.S. Nice colours :P
saaleha said…
stunning post :)

you've put out a valuable wisdom here.

thanks for sharing :) said…
true words :)* ..i think the same .....
cellardoor said…
2 true, something that we should all do.

Fatima said…
agree with you wholeheartedly :)
welcome to blogland :)
The K-man said…
Nice Post

Allah Ta'ala is the best of planners and He always has something better in store for us.

Welcome to the Blogosphere

Bilal said…
Welcome to the blogosphere- good to have you here to keep an eye on Mak:P
Hope you guys have a super Eid!
Slmz to all...
qdee said…
ooh...its soo pretty!!

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